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SEO a Core Skill for Marketers, According to Microsoft

1 min read

Microsoft recently published a study of trends that define the next decade, with SEO being listed as a Hard Skill marketers will need to know to stay on top of trends. According to Microsoft’s study, SEO is listed as the top of these 5 hard-skills: SEO Data Analysis Copywriting Behavioral Analysis Automation Interestingly, a good SEO will utilize the four remaining hard-skills to effectively master SEO. Experience in Data Analysis is critical to understanding your audience, their patterns and preferences and helpful…

2020 Business Reading Challenge

2 min read

Improve your skills, broaden your horizons and participate in the 2020 reading challenge for business professionals wanting to up-their-game in 2020 Your mission…should you choose to accept is to get through as many book challenge prompts as possible within the year 2020.   You can choose physical books, e-books, or audiobooks as long as you are consuming knowledge 🙂 I know business owners are super busy and don’t have tons of time, so take this casually.  Get through what you can. Start…