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SEO Project Kick-Off Questions

4 min read

When starting a new SEO project, whether that project be an in-house project or starting a relationship with a new client, you should develop a list of kick-off questions that will aid your project’s success and direction.   This can serve as a formal start to your SEO project. This will also help you understand the benefits and potential risks of a project, get necessary buy-in ahead of time, and understand the project scope and available resources.  I have provided a list of…

6 Work-from-Home Tips for Staying Healthy

4 min read

With the Coronavirus outbreak, much of the world who can do their jobs remotely, are. If you’re not used to working from home, it can be easy to develop bad habits that can be detrimental to your health and your productivity. As someone who has been there, I want to share insights I have gained over the years with you. Tips for Staying Healthy While Working from Home Let the Sunlight In: When working from home, it’s easy to shut yourself inside,…

How To Get More Clients: For SEOs and Content Marketers

3 min read

There are so many opportunities for SEO and Content Marketers to help businesses grow. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as putting up a sign and having clients come pouring in (even for a well-optimized website). As with any business, potential clients are attracted to people they have a personal connection with. The quality clients that will become returning, loyal customers, want to trust your expertise and trust you as a person to do business with you. To acquire these future customers, there…

Historic Female Marketers

3 min read

In honor of Women’s History Month this March, I am profiling women who have made a difference to the marketing industry. You can follow along on IG by following me @bekah.may, or read all about the unique contributions these women made here: What these women taught us about marketing We, as an industry, learned a lot from these copywriting and advertising pioneers that are still applicable today, even in our digital advertising world. These women brought a creative and unique insight into…

Freelance SEO Retainer Ideas

3 min read

Being a freelance SEO is great, but one issue that can keep rearing its ugly head is steady-reliable income.  This is an issue all freelancers face, but SEO, in particular, can be difficult as much of the work tends to be transactional.  A client comes with a problem, you solve it (generally audit + recommendations) they go away.    The problem with the above is that your revenue is inconsistent.  With retainer agreements, you can have a predictable monthly income and billable hours…

The QDF Factor: Trending Topics

3 min read

Have you heard of QDF in the SEO world? It’s not a new concept at all, but something still very relevant to SEO and content strategies.  What is QDF? The acronym QDF stands for query deserves freshness.  This means that more recently published content, related to a trending topic will have a better chance of outranking some of the established evergreen content out there, due to its freshness and relevance. Why should you take advantage of QDF, or Trending Topics? It can…

SEO a Core Skill for Marketers, According to Microsoft

1 min read

Microsoft recently published a study of trends that define the next decade, with SEO being listed as a Hard Skill marketers will need to know to stay on top of trends. According to Microsoft’s study, SEO is listed as the top of these 5 hard-skills: SEO Data Analysis Copywriting Behavioral Analysis Automation Interestingly, a good SEO will utilize the four remaining hard-skills to effectively master SEO. Experience in Data Analysis is critical to understanding your audience, their patterns and preferences and helpful…

2020 Business Reading Challenge

2 min read

Improve your skills, broaden your horizons and participate in the 2020 reading challenge for business professionals wanting to up-their-game in 2020 Your mission…should you choose to accept is to get through as many book challenge prompts as possible within the year 2020.   You can choose physical books, e-books, or audiobooks as long as you are consuming knowledge 🙂 I know business owners are super busy and don’t have tons of time, so take this casually.  Get through what you can. Start…