SEO Training for Businesses Who Want to Succeed

The just-give-it-to-me straight, non-technical guide to easily optimizing your website.

Learn how to create content that users and Google loves, to consistently bring in quality traffic.

Discover the exact search phrases and keywords your target audience is using right now to find you. Get great content inspiration to drive these users to your site.

Improve trust and authority with users and search engines to rank higher and convert more traffic to paying customers

I’m Rebekah May, and I teach the SEO Certification program for UC Davis, which has over 77,000 students.

In my 10+ years of SEO, I have worked freelance, directed an agency team servicing Fortune 500 clients, and worked in-house.

Here’s What’s Included:

Learn What SEO is and Why You Need It.

Learn what SEO is, and why you need it. We will walk through exactly what you need to know to become an SEO Wiz, from things you absolutely-must-avoid to things that you wish you knew when you started, it’s all here.

How to do Keyword Research

Learn the art of discovering exactly what you’re target customer is searching for and how to use these insights to create content that drives these users to your offers.

Content Strategy

Learn what types of content Google (and users) love and how to optimize the content to show for a variety of result-types.

Learn The Most Important “Technical” Elements of SEO

I take the technical out of SEO where I show what elements of your website are critical to your SEO. Then watch as I show you exactly how to update these areas in WordPress, Squarespace or Wix.

Introduction to Analytics

Learn how to measure the success of your efforts. Know exactly what is working, and what isn’t, so you can continue to improve your site and draw in more and more traffic. Understand your user behavior and what content they love the most, how long they view your content, and more.

What Would Google Do?

Learn the secrets of pleasing the Google gods. Learn what you should avoid, and industry-proven tips and tricks to get improve your visibility.

How to Build Trust & Authority for SEO

Learn why building trust and authority is important to SEO, and exactly how to do so. Learn things you should never do in an attempt to build authority with Google.

Here’s a short introduction to SEO to highlight just some of what we will cover


To My Fellow Business Owners,

The original Price for this course was going to be launched at an introductory cost of $150.00. Due to the recent events with the Coronavirus, I want to do what I can to help the small business community and believe that now is the best time for small business owners to take advantage of SEO. Due to this, I am offering this course completely free, for a limited time.

If you want, you can pay-what-you-can, by contacting me. Otherwise, payment will be your appreciation of the course and helping me spread the word to other business owners in need.

Original Introductory Price: $150

New Limited Time Offer: Free

What Past Students Say…

After being laid off from a digital marketing company a year ago – 32 years of age, never married, no diploma – the principles I picked up on digital marketing and lead generation were all I had left. With no opportunities on the horizon, I wanted to brush up on those lessons I learned at the firm, and I fell on the Fundamentals of SEO. Miss Rebekah May’s teaching is testament to the saying, ‘Simple is beautiful!’ My appetite for learning is stronger than ever and I will continue to attend another one of her online classes in the near future.

Ali Saleh

Having just launched my startup, I was looking for some guidance on ways to optimize my website to enhance organic reach. Rebekah’s course on the topic was extremely detailed, with insightful video content as well as comprehensive written study/reference material. I highly recommend the course for anyone looking to develop a firm base in the area of SEO.

Ganesh N.

The SEO certification program at Coursea was among the best financial values out there. In a rapidly evolving field where there are many shady marketers and even more ways to cut corners, these courses provide a thorough, hands-on understanding of  the wisest ways to approach SEO and content marketing. Affordable. Enjoyable. Informative. 

Joshua Coffman